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My "chemical romance"- overcoming fears and learning the ways of blackwater...

Tannin Aquatics

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"You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself wherever you choose." - Dr. Seuss

As I embraced on my "blackwater journey" years back, I was keenly aware of the importance of monitoring water parameters from decades in the reef world, and my involvement in the large-scale propagation of corals. 


I knew that a certain degree of anal-retentive vigilance could only benefit my blackwater/botanical aquariums, so I employed what I knew- regular water testing- as part of my husbandry routine. 


Now, I admit that my knowledge of chemistry kind of...sucks. I have a heaIthy respect- okay, actually, a fear- of chemistry..I mean, I sort of understand "what I need to know" to run an aquarium, but I know I need to do better. In fact, as adventurers into the blackwater environment, we all need to do a bit more to learn some of this stuff, so that we can provide optimum environmental conditions for our fishes, make meaningful observations, develop replicable, useful techniques, and be able to share our findings with others. During my lifetime aquatic journey, I DID learn a few things about water chemistry, and was, in my own crude way, able to apply some of the stuff I learned in both school and hobby endeavors to my work. (click to read more)

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