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FS: Orange Splotched Neos

Soothing Shrimp

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Time to start shipping again.  Selling out my shrimp and supplies due to exiting shrimping for other hobbies.


I have some Orange Splotched Neos ranging from solid to rili to random pattern. Juvi to young adult.  Color and size is random.



Each package of (10) is only 19.50!


Priority Shipping in the continental US is $12 (That includes insulation and heat pack.)

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Thank you. :)  I'm entering the world of film making. (My niche: Goofy horror).


Been gaining experience making a goofy comedy web series on YT to get my feet wet first,  The first season was as long as a full length film.  We're currently writing S2 right now, which will also be as long as a full length film.


So lots of learning, but loving it!

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