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Tint technique: The basics of leaves in the aquarium...

Tannin Aquatics

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Okay, you've seen the pics of all the cool tanks. You've heard the buzz all over social media. Seems like more and more people are talking about blackwater aquariums, botanicals, and real "natural-style" aquariums...


And you want in on the action.

Hey, who could blame you? This stuff is kind of cool!


However, how do you start? How do you choose which botanicals to play with?

That's a question that is kind of difficult for me to even answer...What I'd usually tell you when asked is, "It depends." (extremely helpful, I know...) 

We can hit on this topic in future installments. Today, let's touch on the use of leaves in the aquarium; typically, leaves are the "jumping off point" for a lot of hobbyists as they start their botanical-style/blackwater aquarium experience, and it makes sense to touch on them first! (click to read more)

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