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Shrimp, Marms and Moss

Soothing Shrimp

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Blue Velvets 3.95 ea.




Chocolates 2.95 ea




Splotched Blue Carbons $4.50 ea




I have the following I'm willing to trade for shrimp or fish or ??? (No plant trades please atm.)

Self Cloning Marmorkrebs: Babies to midsized adults. Great for aquaponics or producing food for fish.

Moss: Looks like Christmas/Taiwan/Peacock type. Little to no algae, but comes with ramshorns.



For shrimp, shipping is a flat $10 and covers insulated priority box, and breather bags. Continental US please. I will try Alaska for any actual increased mail cost, but DOA does not apply- so your risk. ;)

For trades we each pay our own shipping. tongue.gif

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I wish I had a tank set up and I'd order some blue velvets.  I've recently fallen in love with Shrimp and have Cherry Red Neo's and Carbon Rili's!  Can't wait to keep learning so I can get more advanced shrimp!

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I tried the more "advanced" shrimp (which to me just means more sensitive. LOL)  I stopped very shortly afterwards and returned to neos.  All the stuff I had to do with the others just didn't make it fun anymore.


Fast forward some years later, and I'm trying again. ;)

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