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WTB moss


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I have some new tanks that need moss.  I am looking for identified clean mosses (meaning you know what they are and they aren't contaminated with other mosses).  I have at least 6 40 gallon tanks that need moss so I am looking for a good amount.

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Identifiable clean mosses I have are...




Quell willow moss *native to the USA*


Queen moss


Fissidens *the common one*


Let me know if your interested.


I also have some Wild mosses I picked from the streams around me. They're in my shrimp tanks and I took care of sanetizing and quarentining them.


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I'd send you some but it is MN and winter.

Sorry. they would be dead when they got to you.

It would have only been flame and java. my weird mosses (came out of nowhere) do not grow fast and I have no clue what they are.



.. unless you live in MN?

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