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4th of July sale through Sunday!


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In celebration of my late uncles favorite holiday (he loved all holidays as an excuse to BBQ and get the family together, I miss him) I'm going to take 10% off all order before shipping through Sunday.


Hygro pin $1.75 per stem or 2.25 per runner with three rooted plantlets

Erio parkeri 1 for $6 or two for $9

Buce brownie red $15 x1

Buce rainbow centipede $20 x1

Buce brownie phantom $12 x1

Triangle moss $10 per 1x1

Callicostella prabiaktana $35 per 1x1

Amblystegiaceae sp."Manaus" 40$ per 1x1

I only know of two people selling these on tpt, the callico and Manaus are very rare.

Food & supplements;

Gold crown $1 per gram

Borneo wild spinach $3 per 2gram

Mosura crystal red specialty $3.50 per 2gram

Kou yang mineral rock $1.50 per gram

Decapsulated brine shrimp eggs $1.00 per gram

Astaxanthin powder $1.75 per gram

Astaxanthin powder this is a highly concentrated form of natural ast. That has been carefully formed to a dark red powder. Mix with your food at 1 part ast. To 500 parts food. It will increase the palatabilty and digestion of your food. You will notice difference in color and health of your livestock. This is also the precursor to vitamin a.

Play toys;

Moss island (planter) $11

Sudo ceramic cubes $13

Sudo bamboo pinsettes $8

Cholla wood 6" $1.75/log

Indian almond leaves grade a 7-12" $0.25 each

i get my leaves from a small farmer in Thailand. He farms teak leaves, catappa trees, and never uses chemicals or insecticides

Alder cones $0.10 each

Unwanted items;

Ceramic clay pots x20+ two inch high two inch wide $.75 each

Marineland maxi jet 400 multi use power head 12$

IMPORTANT; shipping for supplies and plants will be a standard 7$ flat rate priority mail box with tracking included. I will insulate box, and package to the best of my ability. I am not responsible for any mishandling at the USPS facilities. In case of doa, pictures must be sent within 2 hours of FIRST delivery attempt. If your order is to big for a small flat rate priority box I will moss up to a medium and so forth. I will not mail express, or regular post unless you request it and are willing to pay the difference and accept any damages or loss with these methods. Combine items to save on shipping. Overnight is available but not suggested unless you are recieving livestock.








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