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WTB: CRS + Couple Things


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I've finished cycling my new tank I got my wife early in December and now I want to fill it with some shrimp!


I want to buy:

5-10 Crystal Red Shrimp

1 Assassin snail.

If available (not a big deal) a couple floating plants...only a couple.. and/or a small amount of dwarf hairgrass or baby tears.


Thanks a lot! Excited to start my new tank but I'm also very patient.



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31 minutes ago, dazalea said:

I personally have put assassin snails in tanks with too many pest snails and they never bothered the shrimp. they just did their job and killed pest snails. Perhaps they would eat a shrimp that is already sick or dead...

I can't imagine how a snail can catch a shrimp

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19 minutes ago, TropicalAquarist said:

Great video ! that is just unbelievable . Im not putting any of those in any of my shrimp tanks. .....WOW

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