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Thought I'd share a miracle story..


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Been meaning to share this with the community. A few weeks back I had a fire red shrimp in my tank that I thought was dying. For about 2 days he would be upside down or swimming erratically. I tried to hold it out to see if he would bounce back, but I saw other shrimp start to nip at him and I wanted him to at least go peacefully. So I put him in a small tupperware container with very shallow tank water and put him in my tank supply cabinet overnight.


Typically, in the mornings when I check on a dying shrimp they are already dead. Well, this little guy was still alive. Imagine, he was sick, he was in a shallow cold cup of water, and he was still fighting. So I decided to put him back in the tank to see if he would make it. Would you believe that it's been almost 1 month and he is perfectly fine? Lol


Lesson learned here is don't give up on these guys. They might surprise you. I'm so curious as to what he was battling that caused this.

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Nice it is great when the numbers game pays out.

In my betta plague tank one of the ~60 lived. She is now sad and alone but she lived. for a while she had a ball of slime on her that was as big as a pin ball.

It is kind of depressing now looking at her laying on the bottom or just lodged at the plant at the top with no friends at all.

It turns out that bettas are VERY social fish and we never knew that due to small bowls and single fish.

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