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Cthomaslee92's Aquapolis Adventure


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Hi there fellow Shrimp Spot shrimpers, just like to share with everyone my first journal entry on my first shrimp tank. Hopefully, there will be more tanks to join this journal but for now I only have one tank to start off with. My tank is a Dennerle Shrimp King 10g tank with Mr. Aqua soil along with 4 dragonstone rocks. My flora atm are subwassertang, riccia fluitans, staurogyne repens, and a 2x2 mesh of fissiden fox from bolbi aquatics. My livestock are from Tgoeshrimp.com also known as TheGardenofEder on theshrimpspot. I started off with 10 crs mischlinge and 6 TT, and they all made it safe within 2 days. Now for some pics :)

This girl, i believe, has a golden bee tone and stands out when she's with the others


Some TT grubbin' on some Shrimp King Complete and Mineral. Noticed the really orange one, he is actually more of a reddish tone in real life.


A better shot of the reddish TT


Comparison TT





Drip acclimating!



That's it for now, but will keep updates if anything interesting happens! Thanks for viewing and any comments, thoughts, ideas, solutions, etc are welcome.



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Thanks! Whenever the water level drops the filter outflow creates a nice waterfall/creek flow in the tank. At first, i had the pad balanced straight but the current shifted it and i just left it as it is. It doesn't seem to fall off too which was awesome.

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Last saturday, placed an order on Jaime's fancy tigers,Thanks again! They arrived on Tuesday. They are looking healthy and gained back their color. Sorry for the crappy photos, gotta fix my camera soon
A really nice black tibee from Jaime
2 red tibee from Jaime
Another red tibee from Jaime, i really like this one's color
Another red tibee from Jaime, i think this one have a good chance of making pintos if bred to TB.
Some photos from this morning feeding session.
My baby neo that came with a monte carlo 4x6 mat that i bought at my lfs. He survived through the tank cycle.

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A little update!
Got some btoe awhile back, they've at least double their size since i got them.
This guy's shell reflection is really something, and he's the only one with that shine.
Feeding time! The only time i get to see all of them, most of them are like ninjas when there is no food out
Photobombing ninja shrimp! Only the eyes give his location away
Jaime's tibee! They're growing up nicely.

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