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What kind of snails?

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These two popped up in my 10g a few weeks ago. No others and no babies. They look cool... kinda metallic. They don't seem to be eating plants and basically act like my nerite in the tank... cleaning up.


Any idea what they are?




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@chemeleon15 is correct, those type of snails are a pest if not taken care of correctly. Overfeeding is a big problem and when these snails are introduced to a tank that is overfeed, they breed and breed and BREED until it takes over your whole tank.


I personally like them, I breed them for my puffer fish

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I'd say pond snail. bladder snails are darker and have long feelers. Pond snails have shorter, triangle "feelers", are paler and often bigger than bladder snails. if you have just a few they aint a problem, but too many can... yeah, lol.

My bladder snails are smaller, darker, have dark spots all over them.
My pond snails are light, like that, have a single stripe along one of it's sides, are larger (like 10 mm) and breed a little slower than my bladder snails. (Take that part with a grain of salt, I am not sure how true it is. I will attach a photo.



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