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WTB Caridina mariae “ Black Tiger” dark eyed.


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I actually sent an email to M. Poehler asking if she had any available. She said this.

"The colony broke down to just a few back in 2014, since then I build them up again in Little steps. I am afraid that their is no similar Shrimp as my Midnight Prince anywhere, and their is a Long waiting list for them. The closest related would be Royal blue Orange Eye Tigers."

I couldn´t get a Reply on how Long the waiting list would be, or the price, but I assume if you are willing to pay the Price and the shipping cost to the states, it will be well worth it. They are amazing Shrimp.

I would suggest you get in touch with Aquarium Creation, and find out about his Shrimp above, that were cross-breed with Midnight Prince.


Best Regards

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