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Which Snail?

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Ok, I have been to all my LFS's and no one has any snails except small mystery snails that don't look healthy.. I used Trumpet snails last time I was doing shrimp to sift the sand and will probly try some of them again, but I wanted some bigger ones to make sure if any plants lose leaves or anything, it will get cleaned up. And....I know they keep the bio load going. I have seen rabbit snails at some of the shrimp sites, but they are a bit expensive right now for me....Suggestions??  Mystery? Ramshorns? Nerite?


What do you folks like best?? And why??



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How's it going?


Personally if you are worried about decaying leaves Rabbit Snails are the best, however I have never really had that issue as my shrimp tend to pick at the leaves until they are gone.


I prefer Horned Nerite Snails as they move more and faster than traditional Nerite Snails (tiger, zebra) also the color pattern pops out in my tank.


I also use Trumpet Snails to pick up excess food and churn the substrate, they are also a good indicator of the minerals in your tank if you watch the shell color as it grows.

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My shrimp also do a great job at dead plant matter, like I usually see a leaf start showing age but leave it as the shrimp have it taken care of before trimming it is necessary most of the time.

My opinion on snails is this : nerites lay eggs on everything all the time (at least mine do) and they have destroyed the appearance of some nice driftwood more than once.... But they are hungry and do a pretty good job at keeping glass clean (when they aren't laying eggs :( ) most other snails are difficult to control. I have a group of breeding assassins that I plan to utilize fully in all my tanks other than shrimp tanks when this last group of nerites kicks off. I'm over the eggs they lay and figure on can clean any algae myself rather than look at their mess. Trimming also only takes a couple minutes if you keep up with it.

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I also like the Nerites (clithion corona) the little brown and yellow spiked guys.  I've never had an issue with eggs and the larvae won't mature.  I picked some up at a LFS but they are available at Petsmart this time of the year. Only a couple of $.

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