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Panda KK and Mischling shrimps for sale


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I have extra shrimps for sale if anyone interested. These shrimps are healthy and bred by me locally in Oregon.
You will receive juvenile unsexed shrimps with approximate size 1/4” - 1/2”. it’s easier for juvenile shrimps to adapt to a new environment. My water parameters: PH: 5.8 - 6.5 GH: 2-5 TDS: 120 -160 TEMP: 71-74F 


$40 - Package of 10 + 1 extra, mixed grade mischling of Crystal and Taiwan bees shrimps - this batch has been producing a few Taiwan bees like Black Panda, and Red Wine for me. Most of them look like a mixed grade Crystal Black (CBS).


$70 - Package of 10 + 1 extra mixed grade of Panda King Kong shrimps.


Shipping: $15, USPS Priority $35 USPS Express.
DOA Policy: Must present a picture of unopened bag within one hour of delivery. Buyer will pay the cost of reshipment.


PM me i f you have any question.



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