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Mixing Neos

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So many new Shrimp Hobbyist will generally start with Neo's based on a wide range of reason's. 


The old school mentality you see still been pushed is the fear of mixing Neo colors. There's one basic fact that is true regardless of the type of shrimp you get, and that is if you want a "pure" line then don't mix anything into it. 


The fear of mixing Neos is highly over rated. As soon as you see the question been asked "Can I mix my Neos?" people pounce on the auto reply of Noooo you will turn them ugly wild/brown. This is just not 100% true & a hurdle that keeps US breeders from competing with oversea breeders at creating new lines. 


Here's some great results from breeders who aren't afraid of mixing Neos








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Hi from the #shrimplab!  Thank you so much for sharing my photos and videos.  I am very interested in studying Neocaridina, how they mix to create new color variants, and of course, trying to answer the question: Will mixing neocaridina cause my shrimp to turn...brown?  I have a couple experiments I'm working on now that will hopefully help hobbyists gain additional insight into mixed neo tanks and their potential.  Please share with other #neomix enthusiasts.  



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I actually had a batch of neos hatch because I didn't separate my Fire Reds and Yellows soon enough when I bought them. And I actually really enjoy how they look. They're all adults now and range from deep maroon to black-ish. Some have blue in them as well. I should post some pictures of them. Now I have my Fire Reds and Yellows separated from my "wild" batch, but I surprisingly fell in love with their colors. I appreciate the variety! Love that others feel the same too!

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