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2017 August Shrimp offer (SOLD OUT)

Tibee Inc

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     Greetings members!

I'm offering up a few of my Tibee/Taitibee hybrids for sale. A majority will be White, some red, and CRS/CBS in appearance seen in the pictures below.  Note, all CBS/CRS hybrids looking shrimps offered have Tibee/Taitibee genetic backgrounds and aren't your normal "Run of the Mill" mischling.  All come from well kept extremely healthy tanks.


**Great for Novice Shrimpers, these were breed to be extremly robust.**  Lastly, I'm a private breeder and been in the hobby for many years...



CRS/CBS Tibee appearance:  $2.00

(Minimum order 15)

White/Red Tibee/Taitibee & Pinto hybrids:  $5.00

(Minimum order 6)


Parameters: TDS 135-50 gH 4-5 & pH 6.4-6.6


Finally, I ship only east of the Mississippi & charge a flat fee of $15.00 USPS Priority.  However, I will make rare special exceptions & shipping fees are $35 or more depending on destination.   Most importantly, all my shipments are professionally packaged to insure merchandise arrives to you in prime condition..



Any & all who are interested please send me a PM. ;)




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