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A pressing question...


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Hi all,


i am new to Shrimp keeping and despite having acquired many bathes and types of shrimps before all have died.


this time I am determined to setup a proper tank to keeping shrimp.


i followed some guide and setup my tank Cycling it currently. However I have a pressing question that no one seems to be able to answer me.


i keep Monster fishes and goldfishes with established tank so Cycling is not new to me. However to my knowledge, a Low Ph actually impedes Cycling. I have tried various shrimp soil and they all brought the water ph down to 5-5.5.


so would this in anyway stop the cycle in a shrimp tank with shrimp soil? How does Cycling a shrimp tank actually works?


currently I loaded in the soil with some mineral rocks and jumpstart with bacteria in a bottle running on hob on a 1.5ft tank.

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YES, low ph will stop or slow your cycle process.  This happened to me.  


My suggestion is to cycle your tank without the substrate and use tap water(dechlorinated of course).  Once it is cycled, replace tap water with ro water and shrimp substrate.  

keep in mind that some shrimp substrates will leach ammonia for a while, so this way may take a while longer to do.

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If you ised an active substrate some of them leech ammonia. So you would set it up and add some BB for cycling. Do a large water change in like 2 weeks and then wait a day or two and test the water. 

The pH should start to creep back up a little once the initial release occurs from the substrate by osmosis/equilibrium.

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