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20 Gallon Hexagon Tank Build


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I finally got around to starting the scape on my 20 gallon Hexagon Tank. It's not quite done yet, but I thought I'd share my work in progress. It's low light, no CO2. Hardscape materials are spiderwood and some red jasper (currently being used to hold the buoyant spiderwood down until it waterlogs.) 

The plants it currently contains are water wisteria, water sprite, bucephalandra Brownie Phoenix, bucephalandra Brownie Jade, anubias nana petite, anubias nana golden, anubias nana, a narrow leafed java fern variety (I got it from a hobbyist so I'm not sure which), and java moss. I'm going to add more stem plants around the wood and possibly some floating plants, like frogbit. We'll see. 

I hope to stock it with Blue Dream Shrimp and mystery snails.

Any feedback is welcome. This is my first real aquascaping project. :)










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I love how you scaped your hex tank. I have a 20 gal hex that I have just decided to aquascape. A huge challenge for me is that the opening to put items in the tank is

12"(30.5 cm) x 4"(10.2 cm). The tank is 20" (50.1 cm) tall. I have decided on some tall spider type driftwood to fill up the height. How did you get that wood in your tank? Or is it several small pieces? It looks amazing. I plan to put shrimp, small tetra's and/or fancy guppies.  I will post pics along the way!



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