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Regular Gravel for Shrimp

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I'm new to the hobby.  I won a goldfish for my daughter at the carnival, bought a 5 gallon tank kit plus gravel, then found out the 5 gallon tank can't hold a goldfish.  So I donated the goldfish to the local pet store and decided to have a Cherry Shrimp only tank.  


I have four Marismo moss balls and some algae or some sort of moss on the driftwood i purchased (along with a few small snails).  


Is the regular gravel ok?  I would like to add some plants but it sounds like I would need different substrate for those.  I probably should have thought about this before buying 5 RCS, but at this point what should I do?



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you'll find out a petri dish is a waste of time and money.

depending of the food,they'll make a mess any way.

as it gets crowded they'll take it to go,if they can.


a soft food in a bigger area is a less stressful feeding.


sand is better.

creates less nitrates.


i clean the sand every 6 months.

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Plants will do okay in gravel but they need food. So macro and micronutrients to keep them healthy the poop will provide a liitle Nitrogen bit but not much with just a gew shrimp.

I have plants in regular gravel and active substrates but they all need a balanced food just like the shrimp.

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