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Shrimp getting stuck in outake of filter

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Hi Everyone,

  I'm having trouble with my filter and shrimp. The filter is an internal one with a spraybar attachment. I don't have issues with shrimplets getting sucked in, but I'm finding shrimp, stuck, head-first, in the spraybar. A few have died before I was able to free them. I've tried pantyhose, but it cuts the outflow too much. Would a sponge work? I worry about blocking too much of the outflow and damaging the filter. Any suggestions welcomed.

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Thanks, guys. I might try the media bag. (I'll probably have to sew a sleeve or something out of one.) It's a weird problem, I agree.


chappy6107: They might be after some buildup, but frankly, my shrimp aren't very bright and are probably just randomly making their way in because it doesn't happen often.

OMG Aquatics: Unfortunately, the tank is in my bedroom and the splashing would drive me nuts.

Shrimple minded: The flow is kinda weak, but definitely out and not in. Also, all the stuck ones were headfirst in the spraybar holes, like they were trying to get in on purpose. Shrimplets get blasted away, and it's only the juveniles getting in.

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