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Help with saving my shrimp's eggs?


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Hello everyone,

My Mamma shrimp jumped out last night and got stuck on the lip of the tank somehow. I found her this morning all dried out, but her eggs were still moist.

I got a glass and filled it with the aquarium water, and separated the eggs from her body. The eggs are now in the glass. Any tips on how to keep them alive?
Should I have them inside the tank in a breeder box, maybe, so they still have the heater and whatnot? I've never had eggs hatch before, so I'm completely clueless here.

I just don't want to watch her babies die because their Mom was dumb. :(
Thanks in advance, everyone.

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Stress not! Hatching eggs is surprisingly easy. An egg tumbler makes your job easier but isn't strictly necessary in case you don't want to shell out right now.
First off, how close were they to hatching? The closer to the end date, the higher your rate of success will be.

As long as the room they are in isn't abnormally cold, don't worry about the heater.


If you have an air pump laying around, having some bubbles in the glass (not too many, tie a knot in the tubing) will help keep the eggs aerated.

If not, do a small water change (with tank water, not tap) twice a day with a syringe. This is good practice with the aeration as well but can be done less frequently.


Remove as much of the mom's material as possible. Any organic stuff that isn't a live egg can grow mold, which is bad for the water and the eggs. It also helps to decluster the eggs so that if one goes bad, it isn't directly next to another --still healthy-- egg.
For the first couple days, check every day for dead eggs and remove them from the water. Otherwise, they will get moldy and the mold will consume the live eggs.


Consistency and patience are key, but you'll be well on your way to some shrimplets!

If it you makes you feel any better, the first time I ordered shrimp, I got a berried shrimp in the bag. I was so excited! She died a week or two later, so I had to artificially hatch my first berried female's eggs in a jar on my counter. Most made it! If I did it then, so can you.

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