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Hi Everyone!!!


I am offering for $20 including shipping, the "HAPPY SHRIMP PILE"

A pile of things, to make your shrimp Happy! :D


For $20, you will get-


15 Mulberry Leaves

1 Glass Feeding Dish (55 or 65mm/ your choice)

1 Moss Ledge (choose from 1.25" or 2") (Black, 3D Printed)

1 4" Cholla Wood

2 Plantain Stems

10 Alder Cones

2 Indian Almond Leaves (small)

Snowflake food (2x2" bag)

2 Food Samples ( 2- 2x2" bags/will be brand name food but chosen at random)


*some things are not pictured, - cholla, moss ledge, indian almond leaves*


Shipping is via USPS First Class Mail




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