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WTS - RCS - Real Cheap Shrimp ;)


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Sakura/Fire red cherry shrimp (Neocaridina)

  • 10+2 - $29 shipping included
  • 20+5 - $40 shipping included





  • Mostly unsexed juvenile, less bioload for shipping and better acclimation to new tanks.
  • Limit 1 order per person.
  • All shrimp come with some moss.
  • Ships Mon-Tues with USPS Priority 2-3 day. So if it takes 3 days it will still make it by Friday.

My params:
TDS 200-250
KH 4-5
GH 8-11

I've put a limit on orders so as to not get overwhelmed with the tedious task of catching shrimp for hours, and I price them very low to get more people into keeping shrimp. I'm not a wholesaler and I don't believe that people ordering large quantities are doing so for just themselves. These shrimp multiply exceeding fast so why waste money, sit back and enjoy watching the tank grow!

I started my colonies with 2 male 6 female juveniles from Petco mid January 2017, split the colony after the first batch between a 5 and a 10 gallon, by July there was about 1000 in the 5 gallon and if it weren't for fish predation in the 10 gallon I'd probably have had over 2000.

So I always recommend just getting 10+2 as chances are you'll end up with more shrimp than you know what to do with in a few months.


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Just curious, what do you normally charge for cherry shrimp? I have never ordered fish or creatures through the mail before, just purchased in-store. Is it overnight shipping? Do I have to be there to receive it? I would be watching tracking info to make sure they didn't sit outside. Sorry for all of the questions. A new tank should be ready to add fish in the next day or so. It's just a 20 gallon that will have a school of rasboras with some live plants. Can I add the shrimp to a new tank or should they be added after a while? I'm not new to keeping fish, but it's been several years since I have had cherry shrimp. Thanks for your help. 

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