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Battery Powered Air Pumps

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Good Afternoon All,


I need your help quickly please as time is of the essence. Hurricane Irma is on track to hit South Georgia beginning of next week. In the past I haven't worried so much about battery powered air pumps because I use back up units for all aquariums. However, I have a feeling we maybe out of power for some time. Please let me know the best options you all have used in the past and what do or do not recommend.

Thank you for your help!


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I have 2 of the AZOO battery powered air pumps......I've never had to use them on shrimp tanks, but I have used them to transport fish.  They run on 2 "D" batteries and thus have quite a bit of power (and noise).  These are the same air pumps that someone tested here on the TSS forum and found that they run for 4+ days on fresh batteries.


The problem I think you may be running into is they are selling out (probably because of others in your same situation).  



Good luck.  


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Go to walmart in the fishing/tackle section. There's a unit called mr bubbles or something like that. People use them on bait buckets to keep fresh bait alive while fishing from the bank. They run on D batteries I belive. Id get plenty of batteries but they will last a good while. Its not ideal but it will work. 

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Actually ordered this yesterday with two day shipping to ensure its arrival on Friday.




Maybe overkill and/or overpriced, but at the moment the cost of losing shrimp surely outweights this expense.


Thank you for the feedback!

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