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Odd coincidence?


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So I have a 10g tank I started with 10 rkk/ panda 10 bkk/panda and 10 bb taiwan bee adults and around 20 baby bkk and a single wr baby that's mostly white.  I noticed a dead rkk about a week and a half ago and upon close inspection noticed one wall had a handful of hydra on it. Figured that was what killed the shrimp even though it was a full grown female. Dosed some fenbendazole over last weekend and havent seen a hydra since. Yet I have lost 5 more rkk adults this week, no babies have shown up dead and no bb or bkk...  Do hydra have eyes..? Or a way to see the red shrimp better?Maybe my batch of rkk were just older? I did receive them and the bkk as mostly adult size shrimp.. All my water params. are good but I did add some new plants about a week prior to the first death..

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