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Hello there,


I started to tank about 3yrs ago. I seen a picture of a high tech tank and my mind blew. I had to have one. Took me awhile to get all the gear but I eventually started a high tech tank. Long story short the same thing happened a week ago with shrimp. I had a 40b just sitting there growing algae so I cleaned it up bought some new gear for it, got rid of all the algae and bought a few plants all in expectaion of finding that shrimp I so wanted.. Well to no avail  I can not find it.. hence the reason I came here. Looking for Caridina serrata Tupfel and or Caridina serrata aura blue, or Apple green. I'm going to buy some Caridina serrata Tangerine Tigers but I havent seen any that I like. I've searched for over 4hrs today... overall I've been looking for a week now. plz help 







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