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Dead or Alive?


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Recently I purchased and received a beautiful little portion of loose mini pellia. I attached it to a piece of stainless steel mesh using ADA moss string and put it in my high-tech 12 gal tank (ADA soil, strong lighting, CO2, ferts, etc.). Side note, the 12gal is a new set-up that is about 4 weeks old so the soil is still leaching some ammonia. The pellia had been in there no more than a week when it turned dark brown-green. I then transferred it into what I call my "miracle tank". Which is a 5gallon low tech tank where everything grows!! Everything! (Except baby tears). I'm hoping to revive it, but I'm not sure if it's to the point of no return and I should just toss it and buy more or wait a little longer and wait to see what happends. 


Is is it possible for mini pellia to come back to life at this stage of decomposition?


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On 9/10/2017 at 4:54 PM, Shrimple minded said:

Unlikely, imo.  Once it turns brown it sorta melts.......if you have any green pieces remaining it could easily recover, but I'm not seeing much.


On 9/10/2017 at 4:56 PM, dazalea said:

I don't think it will come back. It looks very far gone :(


Thanks! That's really sad to hear mostly because that little bit was so expensive. At less than now I can take it out of my tank and plant something else in that place. 


I recently purchased some more and will be receiving it later this week. But I'm now a little concerned that this new purchase will die just the same. I wonder what are the optimal conditions to keep it in?

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I kill pella better than the terminator.

On the upside my fisidens I thought was dead (in empty tank with fried heater) I just noticed had exploded.

So it seems to love 60 degrees.


I was just turning on the light when I woke up and thinking it was a dead tank. My god that is beautiful moss.

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