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RCS etc. selective breeding question

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Hello everyone. Sorry for the typos etc

I was just curious and had a few questions about selective breeding etc. it's mainly for RCS and CRS if you could answer CRS that's great but mainly RCS questions.

So I need to keep the quality up and consistent for RCS or any other shrimp that I am breeding and I wanted to ask how to do that. I may answer my own questions who knows but I wanted to see if you guys had any advice. Sorry if I sound idiotic.

I am asking and speaking about this stuff because trial and error and experimenting will take so long maybe a year or so. Please let me know if you can use your experiences to help me out. Your words and thoughts are extremely valuable.


Question one is how do I keep the quality consistent? I have heard inbred shrimp are the reason for declining quality. 


Question two is how would I increase the quality of RCS if possible and/or CRS if anyone could also answer that.


I was thinking of just using two great quality shrimp as breeders. Instead of just throwing 30+ or 100 shrimp in a tank and letting them do their thang. 

So theoretically if I put two RCS in a 2.5 or whatever tank by them selves. Wait for them to breed, if they do. And once she is pregnant I would have a empty 2.5 or whatever to acclimate her to that tank to let her release the eggs and stuff over time. Then acclimate her back with same male shrimp as before.

**So would they continuously produce the same quality shrimp?**

 So, also that tank with the babies id suck them out and very slowly acclimate them to a much larger grow out tank. And possibly separate the males and females when they get older to prevent inbreeding and prevent from wrong shrimps breeding and producing less quality shrimp. possibly selectively breed from there if it is a good idea to separate the sex's? Or would they kill each other if males and females are separated I'm not sure. 


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I think you have the right idea. Starting out with quality shrimp will get you quality offsprings. I don't think you have to keep the parents separate from their babies since theoretically speaking their babies should be as high grade as their parents. I would suggest starting with 1 male and multiple females so you get a higher and faster chance of reproduction. :P


Also I think having a second tank as a cull tank would be the easiest way to ensure all the shrimp in your breeding tank is of the colour grade you want. Selective breeding is the easiest way to have a good colony. 

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you have the right idea.  but it is alot easier to leave everything in 1 tank and pull(cull) the undesirable shrimp into a seperate tank.


as for inbreeding, every once in a while you can add more high quality shrimp to your existing colony from a different source.

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