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Ammano and caridina shrimp


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Not so long ago I had a total melt down of my 12 gallon planted tank - due to my schedule at the time I didnt do enough water changes and algea took over my tank. Once I got a handle of my time I tried to combat the algea with H2O2. It did not go well and I had a plant melt down. I moved everything out to try and  salvage my plants and animals. One of those animals is an ammano shrimp that currently resides in my caridina tank until the new set-up has cycled. 


My question is whether ammano shrimp eat dwarf shrimp fry? 


I recently purchased (and I feel very lucky) a high-grade berried panda and want to do everything possible to have a high fry survival rate. I also recently read that it's possible for ammano shrimp to go after and eat fry shrimp. I have seen this with ghost shrimp but never with ammanos. But if someone can confirm it's true then I'll have to move the ammano to one of my other tanks. 


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