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No power for two days


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Due to hurricane Irma I lost power for two days. All my shrimp survived. I used a battery operated fan to keep temp down. Water got pretty cloudy but not a single death. Next time I'll be prepared with a battery operated pump.

What do you guys do when power is lost?

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Power was only out for about 15 hours here. I used two APC 1500 Back UPS and this: http://www.aquacave.com/non-stop-air-pump-with-battery-backup.html


I was thoroughly impressed by the Mr. Aqua Air Pump. Definitely worth the money in my opinion.



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I currently use Canister Filters with a Quanvee Sponge Filter for intake. I took Qanvee Sponge Filter off Canister Filter during power outage, and ran just that on the side of the tank on intermittent. 

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