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Breeding Whisker Shrimp


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Hi all! I am a newbie to the board.  Finally got my berried whisker shrimp in a separate tank before she released her eggs.  I now how babies that are about a week old. I moved mama back into the main aquarium and see that she is berried again.  My question is- should I prep another growout tank for this next set of eggs or will the babies (in about 3 more weeks) in my current grow out tank be big enough that she won't eat them while she is there for the egg laying? (or will the 4 week old shrimp eat a lot of the newborns)?  I can not find anywhere on the internet how fast whisker shrimp grow.


Second question, I did see on a few sites to keep the water on the cooler side (72?). I have always had my tanks with a heater around 78. Should I take out the heater for the shrimp babies?


Any advice would be much appreciated! I really want these little guys to survive.




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