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My house over 130 shrimp tanks!


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Lot of tanks...

I keep , 12 tanks and i say that are a lot... :)

 I saw that u keep them only with airfilter, is that working good?

How is your routinew water changes...

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On 9/17/2017 at 8:05 PM, Steverd said:

Nice video, I wonder if my wife would let me convert our living room into a shrimp room?

My wife has said "F no!" to getting a shipping container. Insulating and fiberglassing the inside and outside after welding it closed/sealed. Then cut most out of the front side out and install a 4" acrylic side.

Once that is done get a back hoe and a D saw and replace my basement wall on one side of my house with this new "aquarium". hmm, It might be cheaper to just build one out of rebar and concrete.

Meh, it isn't like I can stock it with super reds in the US.


I think at 11 tanks she is a little tired of aquariums. Though I still want to build the acrylic shrimp bar for my bar in my basement.

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On 25/9/2017 at 11:49 PM, TheGardenofEder said:

300 was my most expensive bill this year I think but in December it will go down less then 200. If my a.c. wasn't set to 72 for the whole house it wouldn't be that bad.


so you use only aircodition, for heat and cool tanks?

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Some great tanks there, amazing how they all seem so well kept and trim !


Is there not an option of adding more on the roof, once the hurricane subsides of course ?

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