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Shrimps for sale !

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Hi Everyone,


I am a shrimp breeder in Taiwan. I can send shrimps via USPS, it takes about 4 days to US.

If any death, I will offer free shrimps on next order.


Taiwan Bees

1. RKK $4/pc

2. BKK $4/pc

3. Blue Bolt $4/pc



1. Black Pinto, mixed pattern $18/pc 



1. All shrimps were homebred, and ship out from Taiwan.

2. Packaging with kordon breather bag, styrofoam box, cooler gel and EMS box.

3. Shipping fee is about $60 for 3kg parcel.  Order amount over $500 for free shipping ! 


If there is any question, please feel free to PM me.

Follow my Fan Page: www.facebook.com/shrimpventure/




IMG_3787.JPG.8f4298fca4e37cb949707f1bca517076.JPGIMG_4163.JPG.1cd502e358fd404d0f0665ed93c60e93.JPGIMG_4164.JPG.e233f28b050e340f9f95a0b829146c3e.JPGIMG_4337.JPG.29b7ace493c1d0e5c6b1800f1ec7052b.JPGHi everyone,




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