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how much is a 10g at petco?


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went to petco to get two 10;s,but decided to get two 5.5's they only had.

neither had a price tag.

$13.99 each for the 5's.

asked how much for 10's,$17.99.


i swear i saved 5 bucks few months ago on each 10 on the dollar per gallon sale.


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5g rarely go on $1/g sale. I'd love to trade some 10s for some 5s. My area is completely out of 5s at 3 Petcos and 2 Petsmarts I visited. And  yeah Petsmart has em cheaper a bit. In fact, Petsmart sells 10, 5, 2.5 for the same price, like $15~


The key to shopping Petco are dollar per gallon sales and amex cash back offers that means everything is discounted as much as 30%

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