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Hawaiin Stream shrimps

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I have purchase a group of Neocardinia denticulta sinensis from a friend on the Island of Oahu, (locals call these "glass shrimp"). I just received them in the mail via USPS shipping.

All are in great shape and 2nd generation T.R. The locals did says "glass shrimp"! These are so unique and separated from any other Neo. I have bred, read or seen in a life-time. WOW

Their history is as,,, they were brought to the islands in the mid 1970's from Japanense hobbyists and probably released into local streams from over population's in their Aquaria hobby. Obviously a very tough shrimp indeed! Since Then they were released into the near-by water systems and other streams (local or higher up in the Mountains) then also into warm-springs by local Japanese/American Hippies of that era. So now they have over-populating the Island(s) and even being sold in Fish stores as feeder shrimp. see this site hhs.bishopmuseum.org

It's Not illigal to keep them as a local but any other Neo. of Davini lines is. 

These have formed their own sub-species since then. They are pretty cool in-deed as they sport dark green eggs, stay very small, very hardy, and are wild as hell!

I will breed them pure as I got them with NO X-s... but if anyone wanted to add fresh, wild lines to your x stock,,, or keep them as you get them, this is your only chance...


I'll have fresh stock coming in on the week of September 30th, 2017


Hi. glass shrimp.JPG

hawaiin glass shrimp1.JPG

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