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BUCEPHALANDRA Starter Portions & Mini Clumps!

Shrimp Life

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Get your Buce fix here.

STARTER PACK 5 for $30 (shipping included) 
//Each portion is 12+ leaves and will come on lava rock unless you request it Loose/unattached//

MINI CLUMPS 3 for $30 (shipping included) OR
6 for $50 (shipping included) 
//Each portion is 25+ leaves and will come loose/unattached

Other add ons-
Lava Rocks (2-3" available 5 for $4)
Buce Ledges (1.25") Black 3D Printed $3 ea. or 4 for $11

Shipping is USPS First Class Mail - Live arrival Guaranteed.
NOTE- All Buce has been submerged for 1 or more months and has no sign of stress or melting. 
All pics are representative of the quality and some of the assortment. You may get some other types and I only send quality buce and a good assortment. All are random assortments and will be clearly labelled/id on the bag.









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So how do buce work?


I have bought 2 that looked like the one on your top pic and one skeleton king I was told I had to buy (after 2-3 years it is looking better)

With the 2 I bought one seems fine on its drift wood and the other fell apart and is now all over the bottom of the 55.


Should I buy stainless pins and then just stick it back?


So far I really love them and want more but I'm afraid I'm doing them wrong. In a perfect world all my drift wood would be coated.

The pic with your hand, which clump is that?


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