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Is my new crayfish sick?


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I ordered some Cajun dwarf crayfish and they arrived yesterday.  Looking at a couple of them in the tank, i thought i could see something lighter-colored and "fuzzy" on it's head.  Tried to get a few pics but my phone isn't the best.  Does anyone know if crayfish get things like Vorticella or Scutariella?  Or could this be something else?  If so, any ideas to cure them?  




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I dont know a ton about these guys but I was watching a video on scutariella in shrimp today and that looks exactly like it. There is a shrimp video by Rachel O'leary that talks about it in shrimp and how to get rid of it . Until you know if it is if they molt take it out of the tank till you know they are ok. Hope this helps at least a little bit.

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