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WTB Red Cherry Shrimp


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Hi all,


I currently have a 10G tank set up with red cherries/painted fires that are doing very well but I am concerned about inbreeding in the future and would like to add some fresh stock. Looking to buy red cherries to add in. Not super concerned about color; more interested in well-bred, hardy lines. 


Let me know if you have any available and what your prices are. Looking for around 10-15 at this time. Would be shipping to Southern California. (or if you are local!)


Thank you!


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Hi AF, 


I live in Redlands. I have 20 cherry shrimps (1 adult female and 19 juveniles grade varies) that I bred using local tap water for more than 5 generations. 


I will be selling them for $2 each.  And if you need shipping, I can ship them with USPS priority for additional $13. 


Let me know if you are interested. 


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@edward12345e Thank you for the reply! Redlands is not too far from me, I'm in Norco. I'd be interested in purchasing 10 at the most at the moment, is that alright? Looks like you're about an hour round trip from me so i may have them shipped as I have a gas-guzzling pick up truck. Unless you'd be willing to meet half way? Let me know, thank you!


EDIT: if you're able to meet half way, I'll buy a few more. :)

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