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Best feeding plan for adult PRL (separated from babies)


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I have a 30L tank with 13 PRL shrimps and now i'm trying to create successful colony for next step - selective breeding.

pH: 6,0-6,1

GH/KH: gH 8, kH 0,

TDS: 155-180 
Temperature:  22-23,5 24°C 

Substrate: Ista Premium Soil 3.5mm

Filtration: corner HMF with Aquael Pat Mini powerhead + aeration inside the HMF

Whats Inside? flame moss, phoenix moss, ricardia moss, bucephalandra sp.?, weeping moss (vesicularia ferriei) - on bonsai wood, dragon stone (completelly neutral), Black Cones, Catappa leaves

The tank was cycled for 2 months before the shrimps added to tank by 03 september 2017

WC: RO+SaltyShrimp Bee Shrimp Mineral GH+ 20% per 2 weeks


I'm very new with shrimps and now i'm looking for good feeding plan for them, cos now not all shrimps check the food plate.

My feeding plan now:


Monday: Ebi Dama  
Tuesday: Glassgarten Baby
Wednesday: Ebi Dama
Thursday: CrustaGran Baby
Friday: Ebi Dama Special
Saturday: JBL NovoPrawn
Sunday: Day off


I'm planning to add to Sunday Dennerle Crusta Spinach Stixx.

If somebody can give me advice with feeding plan or/and give me a direction - what to change, these advice's will be very helpful


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Beautiful Shrimp.  I would get that GH down to between 4-6 especially more important for PRL.  8 is a bit high.  My favorite food to feed mine is GlasGarten Bacter AE and Shrimp King BioTase active.  As soon as I mix in some water and put in the tank it puts them all in a feeding frenzy and the great thing about it is it spreads throughout the entire tank and all get a chance at some food.  They prefer this stuff over any other kind of food.  I do Bacter AE and Biotase each 2 times per week.  On the off days I ensure they get some food like Kens Veggie sticks with calcium, EBI suple, Shrimp King Complete, and a few others.  Here is a feeding schedule.  I do not feed more than one kind of food each day but will choose one of the couple that are for that day.  This has worked out great and I went from 20 to now over 100 CRS.


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On 9/30/2017 at 1:42 PM, Zima said:

Thank you a lot, for sharing your experience!

How many food you usually dosing/mixing for this ~100 shrimps with water? And how often you change water in your tank?

For the Bacter AE and Biotase I go by the dosing amount recommended on the label.  As far as the pellet and other foods well I use a feeding dish as to keep the substate as clean as possible.  And typicaly I will leave the food in the tank for about 3-4 hours.  I figure that is plenty of time for all to get some and if not I remove it as to keep snail population down and ammonia from food down.  Really it does not take much to feed them all typically a single pellet is good.  You will get the hang of it and know what is too much and too little.  But a little goes a long way with these guys.  


I typically do a 30% water change once a week.  I never let the nitrates get over 10ppm and if they do then I will do a water change but typically once a week.

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For Sunday i'm start using Ebita Breed Spinach Tab. 

It's completely amazing spinach food - they all going in feeding frenzy to get some. 


The nitrates in this tank is almost (0) zero, cos of corner HMF, huge amount of moss, and only 13 PRL.  

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A filter will not reduce nitrates in anyway but plants will to a point.  The filters will provide places for the BB to multiply which convert ammonia to nitrites and nitrites to nitrates however water changes are needed to reduce nitrates.   Plants will reduce some nitrates but not enough to keep you from needing to do water changes.  I typically do a 30% wc on my shrimp tanks once a week but less may be needed especially if your nitrates are already low.  Shrimp have a very low bio-load so less water changes are needed for shrimp tanks typically.

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