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Hello From Scotland


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Hi everyone i stay in a village near Glasgow in Scotland.

I have been into fish in a big way for a long time now but have recently 6-9 months branched out into shrimps.  They have become addictive.

At the moment ii have the following shrimps:

Fire reds Sakura

Crystal Reds +PRL+SUPER REDS (seperate tanks)

Crystal Black +PBL + SUPER BLACKS (seperate tanks)

Spotted heads

blue carbon rilli

Wine Reds

Blue Bolts

Yellow Kong

fancy tigers

Shadow Blue Mussura

Shadow Blue Mussra Flowerheads

Blue Steel


The Tanks i have set up vary in size from 20 litre tanks for selective breeding to my main tanks are breeding cubes of 110 litre my crs and cbs tanks are in 250 litre tanks i also have some holding tanks for fry to grow up in as well.

My media is different in some of the tanks from Shrimp King active,, ADA Amazonia and Aqua Gro half my tank is also fitted out Akadama.  I got Aqua Gro just to try it out to see what it was like and so far 4 months in still holding good water parametres.  ADA Amazonia is really hard to get here for some reason, i had to order mine from Germany.  The tanks are all planted tanks with bog wood.

Filtration are all Bio Filters but the Crystal tanks and grow out tanks are all using 1000 power external filter through a bio filter and two large bio filters.

As for food i use about 20 different different types of food which gets changed so there diet is varied.

Since starting i have been fortunate and only had one death so hoping to keep up with this.

I will load some photo's of my tank in the future but can't just now as broke my phone.





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Welcome Siral! We are glad to have you and your collection.

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