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Traveling experiences 2017 (tips and tricks)


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I'm just wondering if anyone else has more recent experiences with traveling with shrimp as the last threads are more than a year old.  I'm planning on going to a couple of places in Asia including Thailand/Japan and i was wondering  if anyone has had any recent experiences in checking in or carrying their shrimp on the plane.


What gave you more of a problem, if any? Airline or TSA?

Did they give you a hard time with a container bigger than 3.4 oz?

What kind of containers did you use? (links, pictures, ideas would be great!)

Did you declare the shrimp? or did you pack it in a zip lock and hoped they didn't ask about it?

Did they need to find out if "shrimp" is allowed vs "live fish?"

Did you use the cabin air to aerate your shrimp? :lol:

Which airlines were easier/difficult to do this?

Any of you ever have shrimp or other fish confiscated at the airport?

Did you have some sort of plant/other inside as well?




I understand there are articles all over the places, but i didn't find anything recent and I didn't wanna pick some out of the grave if the info is out of date.  I do see that thread on regulations, but I'm not looking to sell the fish or buy them in big bulk, just enough for my own tank :D

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