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are there any good offers during black friday? i want to buy some shrimp but i was thinking that maybe a few people in here or some of the pages that sell shrimp might offer discounts for thanks giving or cyber monday? 

i want to start setting up a rack but should i just set up tanks for now and wait or just start buying shrimp already?

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I may have a few CRS that will be at a good price come that time.  You should already have the tank well cycled before considering adding any shrimp.  Not only do of course the shrimp benefit from having a cycled tank but also the bio-film that comes with it.  So its not as beneficial to speed cycle a tank using say Dr Tims one and only as sure that will cycle the tank as far as the BB you need for Amonia and Nitrite but the bio-film will not be near as ready which is so important for shrimp.  So I would get the tanks going now so when the time comes in another month or two they will be good to go.  You can help speed along the bio-film with products like Shrimp King Biotase active, Mosura BT-9 Multipurpose Bacteria Culture.  These will help add the bacteria that help create the bio-film that the shrimp thrive on.  For me the bio-film is the most important part of the tank and if you have a good bio-film you will see that any other food is not near as popular to the shrimp and they will easily graze on the film over some pellets of food.

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thanks for the advice!!👌🏽

and yes i already went yesterday to pick up 5 10 gallon tanks from petco 

and i will be buying another 4-5 with my next check

i also order some controsoil from ebay and a bag of brightwell substrate too. i want to buy the shrimp king substrate too to try it on one of the tanks 

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