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Noob water chemistry questions

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Trying to setup my first shrimp tank for RCS. My tank is currently sitting at a PH of 5.8, TDS 96ppm, KH 1, GH 5-6.  I have inert substrate sand, java moss, Med-High light, in a 55Gal acrylic tank running a canister filter with UV sterilizer at 550GPH. This tank has been setup for a year now with some goldfish so its fully cycled.  I dont run any fertilizer or CO2.  The tank has been empty for a week now with a 25% water change, and the canister was cleaned. 


That being said my tap water after sitting 24 hours is at PH of 7.2, TDS 19ppm, KH 2, GH 4.  


I am assuming my PH is tanking because of the low KH. I find it strange that my tap water is so wacky.  So what can I do to straighten this out??


What I am thinking of doing to solve my issues of ph, gh, kh. is to add some crushed coral to the canister, then perhaps trying some salty shrimp GH KH plus? What do you guys think?  Like I said this is my first time working with getting water parameters right so I am probably doing it completely wrong.  


Also should I run carbon in my canister filter with the shrimp. If so, how often should I swap it out. I have a pre filter on the canister as to not suck up any shrimplets. 

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No need to run Carbon at all.  Instead use purigen.  Carbon lasts maybe a few days before it is depleted.  Also I have a very hard time believing that your TDS is 19 with a GH of 4 and KH 2.  That should put you at least 55-60 if not higher TDS.  So either your TDS meter is off or your levels are off.  To give you an example with RO water that has a 0 tds I add 4dGH of Salty Shrimp GH+ that puts my tds right at 65.  That PH is a bit low for RCS they prefer a higher like around 7 PH.  If your KH is 2 then your PH should no be tanking that low.  


Do you have a RO unit?  That is what I would suggest.  You can get a really good priced one for $60 on amazon.  Is what I did and 4 months later its still awesome.  Then as you said use Salty Shrimp GH/KH+ and remineralize the GH to 6-8 and will give you KH also of around 2 or so.  https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00GJCE2X4/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1


Here are the paramaters you want the Cherry Shrimp in.  

PH: 6.4–7.6, KH: 2–5, GH: 6–8
TDS: 150–250 Water temp: 69-74F
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