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Planted Tank, Glass Hardware, and shrimp...?


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Hey guys.  On my way back to the hobby (Finally after our move).


Thinking of doing a UN 60U tank w/ glass hardware.  Low tech, with some CRS.


Glass hardware, clear tubes, canister filter below the tank to have the tank as the main focus to relax and enjoy.


Question:  The glass hardware (never used it before).  I'm assuming they're typically slotted small enough that adult shrimp can't get sucked in, but I imagine any babies might get sucked into the canister.


Do they make input tubes w/ smaller holes?  If not, I imagine hiding a glass tube w/ a sponge on the bottom behind a stone / plant won't be an issue, just curious.



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Welcome Back Faralon! Hope you are doing well.


I used glass lily pipes in the past, on a small 11.4g aquarium with Carbon Rili shrimp. The slits were extremely tiny, however I always thought in the back of my head shrimplets are extremely tiny as well and I was paranoid at the time losing any. So I ended up just putting a sponge over the inlet to alleviate my worries.



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