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Feeding Parathelphusa Pantherina


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I maintain 3 Parathelphusa Pantherina and I realized that they did not eat enough. They eat the dead leaves of my plants, but there are few in the aquarium. They also eat planorbs that I maintain for them. But not the pellets of Novo Crab. I ordered Hikari products and I hope to be more successful.


I noticed that the carrots seem to please them.


So, I was wondering what works for you to feed them?


Thanks to those who will have information on the subject!


P.S .: I do not speak English, sorry if my English is rough!

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Some info for those who have this kind of crab: finally they eat the pellets of Novo Crab, I have not yet tested the other brands of food. In addition, I grow planorbs in another aquarium and I regularly introduce the largest specimens to give them live food, they love (the planorbes a little less). Since they have come out of their hiding place, I have seen them eat the dead leaves that I introduce.

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Hi, I'm coming back to this post to give some info to those that it could help. Finally, to feed my crabs, dried vegetables (pumpkin, zucchini) as for shrimp, sticks of nettles, and frozen food for fish (a bit of everything to vary the pleasures). I noticed they were rushing on the plant-based crustacean blocks (green).

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