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$39.00 for a 3.9 rimless complete tank


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Yeah, even assuming the light and filtration are trash, the cost for the tank alone is pretty appealing, especially considering the free shipping.
I just picked up a 12" cube on Amazon for $65 with no lights or filter.


Random review:

tl;dr this person paid $120 for it and the biggest critique is that the tank is small. The LED is probably terrible for plants but oh well.

Another site that sells it for $50, so you know it actually exists:

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1 hour ago, Dluxeshrimps said:

so true, you all make valid points here. I might have to buy me one for my desk.

If you do, please follow up! I'm really curious to hear how it is, $40 shipped for a nice glass tank would be a steal (...and I would have to get one as well).

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