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Ebichua's Shrimp Garden


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Hey Y'all

Just wanted to introduce myself. Been in the hobby since 2008 and have been keeping shrimp since then. 


After moving to San Francisco in 2013, I only keep caridina species now. Limited space for aquariums means I really need to choose wisely on what species/variants I want to keep. I've narrowed it down to two tanks.


Tank #1. Red Taiwan bees with mischlings in the tank. Originally it was just pure Taiwan bees but I had a stray PRL from Hong Kong (Hakata line) that I dumped in there. Fast forward 3 years later, from a single PRL, I now have a tank with a lot of mischlings that I'm constantly thinning out every few months.


Tank #2. Red pinto tank that I set up earlier in Jan/Feb 2017. Living in this tank are a few Butterfly barbs too. 


Hope y'all enjoy some pictures & a video!



Video of some of my red pintos: 





 Taiwan bee tank - 4 years old!



Pregnant mischling and a TB



Red pinto tank w/ a few butterfly barbs as tank mates.





A pinto shrimp chowing away at a disintegrating Cryptocoryne nurii spathe.


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Welcome Ebichua! Very glad to see and have you at this forum. Shrimp look great!

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