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Moss for Sale


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Hello everyone, 
I am looking to sale some mosses in my tanks due to them being overgrown. They are algae free and pest free. The mosses will be a generous golf ball portion while the frogbit floaters will be a handful. They are grown with finnex planted 24/7 lights without CO2 or any fertilizers. Shipping will be either priority mail $7.00 or first class mail $4.00, pick up in NY 11040 is also possible. There is an example of the portions in the picture below. Images of dead plants must be sent after one hour of arrival and compensation will either be partial refund or replacement of the lost plants at the expense of the buyer paying for the shipping. 

Java Moss $5.00

Xmas Moss $7.00 

Frogbit $5.00
Subwassertang $10.00

IMG_9527.JPG.d735fc74965336243225f4b8729b1d20.JPG IMG_2297.jpg.0ebda54aa7da69bb488819b405de4dc8.jpg



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