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Selling off Fire Red Cherry Colony / Subwassertang / Frogbit


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Hey all,


I purchased a batch of cherries about 2 months ago for my 40 gallon and I quickly got bored of them. I'm looking to sell off my colony to make room for a more exotic neo and thus can't keep them around. These shrimp range from a minority being Sakura grade/High Grade Fire Reds, with majority being considered Mid Grade Fire Reds. The Sakura's are usually/only males. I'm not too familiar with selling cherries but googling seems to sell these for around $3.50 to $5.00 per but I will sell for less. Information and pictures below. 


Mid Grade Cherries (mostly)

Age: Juveniles

Price: $2.50 to $2.00 depending on how many you buy. 

Shipping Location: U.S. Only

Shipping Price: $10 to $15 depending on small/medium priority box. (Heat pack included)

Payment Method: Paypal / Facebook Pay / If Local you can pick up with cash on hand (NYC)

History: Purchased from another U.S. breeder 2 months ago

Water Parameters: 7.4 pH, 7 gH, 3 kH


Subwassertang Moss

Description: Possibly the most voluminous of mosses, creates a hedge/bush if tied, excellent hiding spaces for fry/shrimplets. I have a bucket worth from old tanks that I want to clear out. Googling for this seems to sell for $5 to $15 for a golfball portion, which is less than a third of my portion size. Does not require CO2.

Size: Refer to picture of my hand, portion is sold in fist/tennis ball size.

Price: $12 

Shipping Location: U.S. Only

Shipping: $8 to $15 depending on amount/if combined with other items

Warning: Small chance of pond snails, small chance of random strands of java/christmas moss, very small chance of algae. I will be doing what I can to remove this before shipping.



Description: Among easiest floaters to keep. Excellent for sucking up Nitrates. Very easy to grow so will be giving out a lot for this. Does not require CO2.

Size: Half of standard ziplock bag stuffed

Price: $5

Shipping Location: U.S. Only

Shipping: $8 to $15 depending on amount/if combined with other items


Thanks! If post is un-updated, there is still stuff available!






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How many is in the colony? Interested in a price for all :) 

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