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Exciting! What a way to start a colony!!

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Wow! Here's a timeline of today's events:

1300: male shrimp going crazy, largest painted female looks bigger and has more rounded underbelly.


17:30: Previous berried (berried when purchased) female has only two eggs remaining and the first baby shrimp is spotted!! Happy birthday shrimp!


1930: large female from earlier is berried!! She's one of my higher quality females!!


What an exciting set of events. The first in tank hatching and the first in tank breeding!

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As with most things that seem to be true... Around 2200 last night I checked in on the tank to see her eggs weren't as visible as they were before (appeared to be overflowing with eggs) 


This morning around 0830, I got a semi up close look, and didn't see any eggs. I shined a light on her and couldn't make out egg shapes either. Though.. since she does have areas of her she'll that light can't Pierce.. I couldn't see everywhere.


She's still fanning something. Could there be an egg or two left?

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That's a bummer, I've heard of egg drops but haven't had any myself (although I had a female molt all her eggs off).
I've heard that first time shrimp mommas aren't too good at keeping their eggs and will occasionally drop them (glue not strong enough? fanning too hard? swimming too much? who knows). If you find them, you can try to hatch them artificially but they're probably dead by now.

If I were you, I wouldn't beat myself up about it. Now you know that they're happy enough to breed in your tank, you'll probably start seeing berried shrimp pop up every couple weeks.

Just make sure they're well fed so they can build up their unfertilized egg reserves.
I would only start to get worried if you notice that they are repeatedly dropping their clutches. Once isn't enough to fuss over.

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