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Ph issue

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28 minutes ago, Helepolis said:

I measured the ph with nutrafin ph wide range and API test kit. The ro water test 0, add ss gh+ up to 120. Thanks. 


Api ph test its ok ... its measure correct.

I use salty srhimp, alder cones, and for substrate akadama, i get ph 6.4 with api test.

Never try sl aqua soil , all ohter you wrote( cholla wood, Adler cones, almond leaf) drop the ph.

Ro water tds is o ? very weird,,,

How lonk it running?

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hmm, I have heard some soils being unable to actually lower ph to 5.5 and gets stuck at 7.0. people say it is like one bag out of a few that makes this kind of issue occur. However, there can be other factors, but I still dont know why if u are doing ro. It might be that u are adding too much gh+? are u measing ur gh?

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